Women and Community Empowerment


To strengthen status of women and empower them to participate in the development process of themselves and their community.


Capacity building of women’s groups and community representatives.

Building   women’s teams so as to increase their collective power and position to address village development issues with focus on women and child empowerment.

Promoting local level leadership development.


Savings and credit groups (Self-Help Group)

One Hundred women’s groups had been formed to adopt the savings and credit activity for the purpose of self reliance. Trainings for functioning process of groups & entrepreneurship development were conducted for 2000 members of these groups. These groups became independent and this initiative is spreading amongst other women also .

Through these groups women became able to save their money and get loans to do income generation activity, children education and medical aid .Majority of groups members got involved in income generation activity and thus could support their families .The process also was successful to putting money lenders out of business , who were charging exorbitant interest rates,

Capacity building of women’s groups, from village to district level committees and school teachers.

The capacity building workshops, seminars are conducted regularly for community groups ,committees ,school teachers, community representatives for mustering their involvement in the development process of their community and children .

Women’s participation in development process.

A bout 5000 women are involved at the core of the various groups, committees level activities in 100 villages. Community development issues are being successfully addressed by members of health, education, nutritious committees and majority of self help groups . Issues like child marriage, lack of safe drinking water, access and availability of public health and sanitation facilities, lack of school related facilities, village level public facilities, adverse effect of alcohol, domestic violence against women and children, lack of women’s participation in local governance work , malnutrition in children etc. have been tackled by these members so far. Also their participation in local governance’s committees is on rise.